I write to you from the hills overlooking the grand production of the time here in Pittsburgh. Smoke fills the air from the factories and hangs over the sky of a city bustling with trains, cars, and workers of all sorts. People are always moving as this is a city of transportation and industry. Tracks line the river keeping things coming and going through Pittsburgh. From this view on the hill you see that there is not one spot for rest but factories, smoke, tracks and cargo, shops, and so on everywhere. Even though it is day, everything looks dark and the shining sun only shows on a few places of land not entirely covered by the smoke.





Italo Calvino’s “The Adventures of a Photographer”

Here is a link to the short story “The Adventures of a Photographer” by Italo Calvino. We will discuss the story on Thursday, Sept. 6.

(Small note: The online version of the story is titled “The Adventure of a Photographer,” rather than “Adventures.” This might be a misprint or an issue of translation, since the original story was written in Italian. The more common title is “Adventures,” plural.)


The Adventures of a Photographer

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